Teeth Bleaching

                                                                                                   Teeth Bleaching

Today, due to external effects such as: food, coffee, carbonated beverages, smoking, alcohol. … do our teeth become yellowed color sỉn coffee maker,
FAMILY dental clinic now FIVE CONTINENTS give you 2 methods of bleaching, intended to help you get the smile of confidence and more radiant.

1/the first method that the clinic would like to introduce is Purged at home:



TayTrang (1)

TayTrang (2)







TayTrang (3)

The first step will take the form of two seal teeth on-bottom and casting a soft plastic bleaching tray sets, sets of plastic trough software that will fit with your teeth (absolutely no need or uncomfortable)

-Next steps guide you how to use the drug with a moderate concentration (the drug used more or less as the case)

-After you go home every night before going to bed you for smoking on cleaning gutters, then carry on purging trough 2 h-3 h (you can wear at bedtime). After 2-3 days more, but white teeth need cleaning up time 7-10 days to maintain tooth colour is stable.

2/ The second method is to Purge in dentistry:


TayTrang (4)TayTrang (5)








The drug is activated with the Halogen lamps (sometimes called laser), for bleaching results after just 45 minutes. In the process of bleaching the patient will be wearing UV resistant goggles and protective gel lubricating gums. But due to the use of drugs with high concentration and should fast-track may cause Hey burning urination (which can be more or less depending on the sensitivity of the area per person)


-Before bleaching, who should be taken for cleaning Tartar, gingivitis treatment, temporary filling the deep teeth to avoid causing discomfort in the bleaching process.

-There are also cases of decent internal bleaching (bleaching bone marrow death, then the method will differ from regular bleaching and fees will be charged separately).

-After the bleaching process you have the habit of smoking, coffee, alcoholic juice will do speed up the process of teeth yellowed back.

In addition the teeth we often encounter cases of teeth with Noah burning urination due to many external impact or through the process of bleaching caused, I would like to share with you a few guidelines help decrease ê small pinch avoid the sorrow in your life.

Step 1: treatment of Noah’s small pinch at home:

You can use warm salt water will quench what teeth effectively. It should be remembered that only use warm salt water, not too hot or too salty to be reversed damage to the teeth.

Step 2: treatment of Noah’s small pinch of teeth thoroughly at the clinic:

-Decent room to visit Should to be treated thoroughly, be a doctor using cream small pinch point or the Noah’s sensitive fillings to treat this disease deep in the heavy conditions.

-In addition, we can wrap the Crown for the tooth being Noah’s shrewd manner because this method helps protect the permanent teeth but also helps shape a more aesthetically pleasing teeth.



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