Dental Crowns And Bridges

                                                                                          Dental Crowns And Bridges

Crowns and bridges are part of the tooth is fixed, meaning that the teeth are fixed (hard mounted permanently on real teeth remaining).

Dental crowns: When your teeth are problems such as: tooth broken tooth, bone marrow derived adult, tooth fracture, tooth-colored infected longer fangs well, slight deviations teeth like tuning straight are all within a short time, then the tooth crowns is the most widely used method. crowns of teeth like you wearing a helmet for the teeth just to protect the rest of the tooth just bring out the aesthetic pretty smile and help eat chewing well. Dental crowns will greatly improve the aesthetics of your teeth in color, shape and true pregnancy when teeth are misaligned.

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Bridges: is the type of dentures that if you lose one or few teeth due to tooth or some other reason, then bridges the pleasant methods and less expensive than that plugging implant. Methods of bridges will obscures is empty you lose teeth but requires the two parties that are also new bridges they are. It’s like when you do a bridge, the main span is about missing teeth longer piers is the real tooth sides. In addition to improving aesthetics, chewing food functions of bridges also improved significantly.

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The type of material used for crowns and bridges

1/comprehensive metals (good strength mainly in mortar tooth in because there is no aesthetics): Ni-cr, cr-co alloys, titanium, gold …

2/Porcelain metal (there are aesthetics both in the teeth and the tooth was out, the cost is not high and that depends on the metal material inside):

+ Inside the Ni-cr alloy, titanium alloy, gold … just like ribs made of reinforcement steel in construction

+ Outside the porcelain cover for aesthetic, durable, tear resistant, do not change color, just like concrete in construction

3/all porcelain (porcelain Teeth not metal): no metal should have very high aesthetic properties look like real teeth, good strength, with cost and is often used for the front teeth to tasteful): cercon, venus, emax and. ..


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Modern life demands of increasing customer, cosmetology dental industry in recent years has improved a lot about diversity to meet aesthetic requirements of each person as well as functional chewing food and reasonable price to all investors.


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