Curriculum vitae

Dr. Lương Bá Phục graduated in 2000 at the University of medicine and pharmacy of HCMC qualified rating (in red) the lock, the school continued to visit with maxillo-facial specialist and continues to constantly updated training classes continued to link the University of medicine of HCMC and other universities around the world such as France, USA, Japan, Canada …

In 2006 a doctor the correct dental (braces) dental professionals of the doctor from the u.s. Dr. Oppermann Nelson, DDS and short-term courses of Dr. william Proffit, Dr. Rivinda Nalda, Dr. Alexander … from which the doctor pursue specialized treatment and is head of the Board of the Spanish custom Club Saigon (SOS)

Do not stop learning, the doctor Phục to continue proceeding has just learned about tuning houses with expensive set lock stuck installing the blade 2D, 3D. Adjust the Kingdom do not have set the invisalign, dental correction keys using vis, vis and decent surgical splints and. ..Currently Doctors pursue decent correction keys for people with cleft lip gap primary charity for people who accidentally getting this evidence gap

2012 Dr. Phục has completed the course for 2011-2012 adjustments Canada modern continuous training by Dr. HOW KIM CHUAN collaborated with HO CHI MINH CITY Department of health of HCMC

2013 dental corrections Conference Asia Pacific in Singapore.

In addition to tuning houses Doctors Uniforms and attend additional training courses in other faculties such as: Dental implantology (2009-2010) in the hospital Central, Facial Aesthetics in dentistry and plastic surgery to …


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