Crowns & bridges

Fixed dentures are dentures (crowns-porcelain bridges, crowns-bridges, metal, etc.)were on the function, the patient’s mouth.

If done subtly, the opposite may not realize it’s dentures (if that is the Crown, etc.)even myself who brought porcelain teeth fixed sometimes don’t remember and didn’t realize the dentures is the teeth yet.

The following dental would like to introduce you some form of fixed restorations here.

1. Dental Crowns:



When a tooth is cracked, there are large filling pieces gets old going, being heavily depth especially those teeth were taken bone marrow, the dentist may recommend capturing teeth protection i.e. put crowns of teeth (like the helmet to the tooth).Capturing the tooth to strengthen and protect the remaining tooth and can make a more beautiful smile.There are a number of different types of dental crowns dental crowns as full porcelain (porcelain not metal) crowns, porcelain crowns, dental metal porcelain tooth crowns, titanium metal porcelain tooth you or sell you, full metal crowns (full)

2. Bridges:

If you unfortunately lost teeth due to pluck or other causes then one tooth replacement solutions take good dental bridge is fixed. It is exactly the solution obscures gaps. Solution bridges are composed of one or more of the artificial tooth connected between two or more of your teeth around can inserted in the blank area of tooth loss. Bridges are made of metal or porcelain or by other materials, was built to match your real tooth. After you have set the fixed bridge, the globe your tooth is going to have a high durability and will be extended over several years. However, bridges may need replacing or recycling should be tried due to normal wear and tear.


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Why choose solution fixed porcelain tooth bridges replace teeth lost:

1. Insert the gaps of missing teeth.

2. Helps maintain the shape of the face.

3. Prevent the overwhelming number of teeth.

4. Restore chewing food functions and pronounce.

5. Help your smile fresher younger, more confident.

6. Offer the kinds of fixed teeth replacement for removable teeth.

If the lost teeth, porcelain teeth bridge solution is the solution with reasonable cost consistent with conditions with everybody, the utility optimized for the sick, restoring functional eating chewing and aesthetics helps more confident in communication.

Advantages and disadvantages of dental bridges?


◦ Bridges has the ability to recreate the natural look for my teeth,

◦ Usually just 2 appointment is complete.

◦ Can exist for several dozen years if You keep the potty properly.


◦ The tooth head may be somewhat sensitive to excessive temperature changes, can last several weeks after completing the request r.

◦ The bacteria can grow on food plaque sticking around the cylindrical teeth if You keep clean air clean.

A: Jessica, metal-metal Bridges (Full)
Dental Crowns can be made of metal (KL), there are many types of KL are used, usually alloyed Ni-Cr, Cr-Co alloys, titanium, and gold (Au) and. ..


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    Crowns made of Cr-Co

Metal crowns _ metal bridges are durable, withstand chewing loud without fear of breakage, tooth-grinding are filled less than porcelain crowns but has cosmetic defects was poorly advised, only made for teeth later. To meet the needs of higher clinic then there are other types of porcelain crowns. Porcelain crowns are also divided into several categories.

B: Nitin-porcelain Bridges, metal usually Nickel-Chromium


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Is the type of Crown that framework made of stainless alloy and coated with porcelain enamel exterior.

Crown America suitable for the teeth out and teeth do not have high aesthetic requirements.

The advantage of the Crown of America:

-Low costs.

-Easy to implement.

-Tooth tissue Loss is moderate.

-Rigid frame make.


-Perforated crowns.

-Roots vulnerable to intensive due to metallic.

-A continuation between the teeth and tooth crowns don’t fit it.

Typically used for cosmetic teeth don’t need much

C: Nitin-Titanium porcelain Tooth Bridge

The Crown has reduced titanium alloys (4-6%) and coated with porcelain enamel exterior.

Suitable for the tooth in need of high aesthetics and appropriate for people with allergic to metal.


Rigid frame-sure.

-tooth tissue loss is moderate.

-Not oxidized because there were layers of oxygen from the titanium coated Palm crowns.

-Avoid oxidation in the oral environment.

-Good biological compatibility.


-Crowns were hewn by metal Ridge cover opac class.

-High cost because Titan is precious metals.

High-vacuum casting furnaces due to the necessity.

-Foot deep teeth due to metallic.

D: Crowns metal porcelain Tooth Bridge


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The Crown has a frame made of aluminum alloy Au and Pt. Gold has melting temperature than porcelain should not frame it must coordinate more Platinum (Pt) to form the framework for the teeth both bearing and both high aesthetics.


-Is the Crown and are resistant to high pressure.

-Compose less tooth tissue.

-Limited crowns are oval black gums.


-The cost of expensive.

E: Nitin-porcelain Bridges Cercon, Venus, Emax, good strength (non-metal porcelain)


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Cercon all-porcelain teeth, Venus, Emax has a framework is Ziconium. Suitable for the tooth bearing and aesthetic requirements.


-Porcelain tooth bearing Is aesthetic.

-Tooth pinky as real teeth.


-High cost



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